Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I always find myself here.

Well, it's going on well past midnight and I am finding myself here again. Maybe by that I mean, I am up at my desk late again (well, tonight it's a makeshift desk because I am away on the business of thanksgiving holidays.) or if by that I mean, I figure out things about myself by writing and my best stuff usually pops in around midnight.

so kind of you to join me, epiphanies and inspiration and just the right words!

I was wondering where you were.

And even though I am usually sitting here all bleary eyed, I think there is something to the night owl side of inspiration. I am hunched over my desk with all these veins of thought coursing around me - I'm reading things, my headphones are in, and I am suddenly struck with the words that are meant to be right here.

I always liked that scene in Little Women where Jo is always in her stocking cap in the attic, eating oranges and scribbling away in her notebooks. I am similarly composed.

And after all this, this collection of late nights and notebooks filled, I am left with something new entirely. two things have melded together and made something good. Something for you to read when you check your RSS feed in the morning and something for me to look back on as proof to myself that somewhere along the way, I became a writer, in a process that is perpetually happening, changing me, teaching me, moving me.

I am always learning something about being a writer. I am always listening to people (sometimes listening in.) I am revising, I am collecting. I am becoming. and I am writing.

this is your-girl-in-the-city
                       on the red-eye (the literal kind.)
                                    signing off.

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